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Capture & analyse trends in real-time

Technology Intelligence


Access the latest technology intelligence trends and empower your innovation process with the most comprehensive AI driven search tools. 

Our AI platform captures and analyses global innovation signals and data in real-time, providing the latest insights, players, patents, publications and startups and presents the results in a comprehensive, visualised, report to allow your R&D teams and experts to obtain actionable insights.

Technology Intelligence Solutions
Data Sources
Latest technology news, patents, research publications, and projects


News sources
Capture real-time data


AI driven algorithms access global publications, capturing real-time data by tracking billions of data points, facts and figures.

Analyse big data


Big data is analysed, structured and interpreted to create curated interactive visual reports using machine learning algorithms. 

Empower your research and development


Obtain fast, actionable insights to fuel you R&D process and empower your entire organisation. Save research time and money. 

AI Platform
Technology Landscape
Technology Landscape



Analyse big data and extract relevant insights

Fast, comprehensive overviews of technologies and industries providing forecasts, trends, players, competitors and publications.

Trend Analysis
Trend analysis

Explore and identify trends and insights


Search the latest trends, forecasts and news. Explore your search across related industries, technology areas and scientific fields.



Market Forecast
Market forecast



Analyse and monitor market activities 


Monitor related websites, news, scientific publications, podcasts and related market activities globally and in

real-time. Analyse market predictions and projections.

Patent Monitoring
Patent& research monitoring

Track patents, research and publications

Track the latest patents, organisations, startups and inventors related to your search. Track the latest scientific publications and academic research and monitor latest news and related websites. 

Patent & research


Competitors Analysis
Competitor anaylsis



Competitor and organisational search


Deep dive into your chosen organisation or competitors. Identify and explore the scope of their activities, patents, related publications and research fields. 

Startup Screening
Startup & partner identification

Startup and partner screening


Explore the top 500 startups and total funding within your fields of interest. Identify key players and opportunities to collaborate or acquire. Explore partner networks and geographic hot spots.

Startup & partner


Access the latest trends

Access the latest trends.

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