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Collective Intelligence
Collective intelligence & collaboration

Innovation Management


Discover, connect and collaborate using the best innovation management platform to generate and collect ideas and solutions from your employees, partners and suppliers. 

Our Innovation management platform helps innovation managers collect and manage ideas, evaluate them, and turn them into concepts and business cases to get them ready for prototyping and implementation across the organisation.

Use Cases

Employee Ideation

A new way to engage and empower your workforce to make a difference, submit ideas & solutions and create an innovation culture.


Discover, manage and connect with new partners and manage your partner ecosystem across your organisation.

Brainstorming Session


Engage and empower your workforce to collaborate and create a culture where employees want to innovate and solve problems.



Align your innovation strategy with your company's vision. Create idea campaigns and collect & evaluate solutions all on one platform.  

IM Platform
Continuous Improvement



Engage your entire workforce to improve productivity, spot inefficiencies and reduce costs


Run innovation campaigns to address specific problems or ask participants to share their ideas and get feedback on improvements to be rolled out into the organization.

Corporate Ideation

Collect, generate & track insights and ideas from your employees, suppliers and partners


Address your most pressing challenges and manage the process with our idea generation solution which lets users easily submit and browse ideas, while you track and evaluate them on one platform. 

Corporate idea generation

New product Development

New product development

Find and develop new product innovations that can transform your company


Leverage the creativity of your resources by going beyond your product and R&D teams and include employees from other divisions, as well as external customers, partners, and suppliers. 

Employee Engagement

Inspire, empower and engage employees to make a difference 

With an employee engagement solution you can encourage collaboration and inclusive participation in submitting ideas or simply voting or commenting on ideation campaigns. 



Partner Collaboration



Identify and manage strategic partners and organisations that can help you solve your challenges


Discover, track and manage your external partnerships and transparently connect and collaborate across your organisation. Use the platform to create an ecosystem that leads to new opportunities.

Supply Chain Innovations

Manage a complex supply chain ecosystem and capitalise on ideas from outside your organisation 

Run campaigns and hackthons to collaborate with your supply chain to solve mutual problems. Leverage your suppliers experience and manage your supply chain ecosystem to mitigate risks.

Supply chain


Working with Laptop

Run your first campaign.

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